Could Cases like Scott Watson’s become an Election Issue?

I think the simple answer is yes. But not alone.

We have come to a crossroads where overall trust in Government is on a landslide down. And Government Corruption on the way up. The government needs to be seen as doing something. The Justice system was designed for Justice for all. Justice for the victims of crime and Justice for the perpetrators of the crime. Justice and closure for the families of all the victims. It was designed to protect those that have been wrongfully convicted of crimes they never committed.

So what happens when there is so much DOUBT I was asked. The simple answer is the ranks close even tighter

Even the most vocal of Scott Watson is Guilty camp (Ian Wishart) thinks the prosecution and police case against Watson was critically Flawed. All one has to do is look at the ramblings he is making or reading one of the Elementary books he has written. He is by far the most vocal to point to Scott Being Guilty, Yet his book is highly critical of Police and the Prosecution. 

When you look and whether you are a Scott is Guilty or Scott is innocent supporter the general consensus is the Conviction is unsafe. That is just one case where public opinion agrees the conviction is unsafe. The Justice system we currently have will not admit any flaws but in fact, defend itself to the hilt to protect themselves and in some cases the real perpetrators of the crime/crimes. How can we proceed to trust the Justice system when it is so critically flawed?

Then you look at the parole board hearing heard just last Month. There are a number of discrepancies. The parole board has ultimately stated that Scott Watson is too much of a Danger to society to release. But if you read the Parole Board report, there really can't be a lot of concern of Scott in the Community as the report clearly states he has been in the community frequently as part of a Community Gang for the last year. Without incident I must add, I say this because if there had of been an incident then it would have been written in the report as it would add weight to their decision. 

Maybe the new Minister of Corrections, Louise Upston, can look into the situation. As it is without a doubt that looking at the parole board findings that there is absolutely no concern for the public safety. As Scott Watson is allowed to continually be part of a Community Gang. However, instead of fixing the real problem they are likely to remove the Community Gang aspect which shouldn't be the case if Scott Watson has been continuing without incident.

When there is so much doubt, and more information pointing to Scott Watson being innocent rather than guilty. Where do we go from here? We need to look into the situation at least. You never know there maybe a killer walking the streets free as a bird because Police "We have got our Man Case is Closed" attitude. This would be a real injustice if this is the case. 

I feel for the Hope, Smart and Watson families, all of them are a victim of the system in one way or form. I know what it is like to lose a loved one in a similar scenario at sea. But we also need to make sure the correct person is incarcerated and not been made their scapegoat for the real perpetrators. Any doubt and no one should be there.

Operation Tam, the Police investigation into the disappearance of Ben Smart, and Olivia Hope was headed by the, then head of Christchurch Drug Squad Detective Inspector Rob Pope. Detective Inspector Rob Pope, has found himself in a number of other controversial cases. The murder investigation of Lisa Blakie had flaws in it too, Just like the Mystery Ketch that key witnesses dropped Ben, Olivia, and the Mystery Man (Not Scott Watson) off to. In another investigation by Pope, a White Bedford van went un-investigated and never found.

I understand in the High Profile cases there might be an element of error. But when a mistake is made we need to correct it as soon as possible. 

Can you trust a government willing to sweep everything under the carpet to protect those responsible? 

Do you want to live in a society where the Govt protects criminals and locks away innocent people? It could be YOU or one of your family next. 

Something to think about.

First posted by D Blair, Hamilton @ 11:13PM 03/01/2017 Last edited @ 11:15PM 03/01/2017

5 thoughts on “Could Cases like Scott Watson’s become an Election Issue?

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  • January 4, 2017 at 11:08 am

    For every wrongful conviction of an innocent person, a guilty perpetrator is left free in the community to commit further crimes. The late Commissioner of West Australian Police Owen Leitch was hailed as a master crime fighter as a detective as he never failed to get a conviction. In the 1950-60s Perth was the crime scene of three separate serial rapists and murderers. and three times innocent men were charged and convicted and sentenced to death, two by the illegal actions of Leitch and more women raped and people murdered as the real perpetrator was “eliminated” as the did not tie in with police scenarios where profoundly deaf youths were the perpetrators as they were easier to “brick in” and get false confessions from. Despite the real perpetrator finally being caught and sentenced to death and comprehensive and accurate confessions to other murders for which innocent men were convicted, Leitch continued to claim he was right and the actual perpetrator wrong in how the rapes and killings happened, that he “just knew” he was right and the serial killer was trying to look like a “big Man” before his execution.
    50 years later in spite of overwhelming evidence of Daryll Beamish, Allen Ellis and John Buttons complete innocence Leitch was adamant he was right and the everyone else wrong as he was a smart cop who didn’t make mistakes. DC Rob Pope [ret] bears an uncanny resemblance to Leitch, and just as the system closed ranks around Leitch until a Commission of Inquiry threw it into returning to the true functions of a justice system.
    The NZ system has closed ranks around Pope and the prosecutors to protect them and itself and until a commission of inquiry with wide powers that protection will continue as those in the system lack the guts to admit making a mistake. Nothing, not even a CCRC will change that.
    Change requires a massive shift by the apathetic New Zealand public to a point they really care about JUSTICE real honest open JUSTICE

    • January 4, 2017 at 3:19 pm

      Well said Lindsay.

  • January 4, 2017 at 12:13 am

    I came across this article . Well written and factual and to the point. Who amongst us will be the next victim of the current system . The general public of New Zealand need to stand up against what has occurred and the injustices that have been inflicted upon so many .Not just the wrongly accused, their families and the families of the victims of these unsolved murders who are unable to achieve closure.


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