Rural regions are being neglected

When Barry De Lisle of Tokoroa, asked me to write an article on Rural regions being neglected. I said it was a topic I was strongly interested in myself. 

In the past as a Country New Zealand has relied heavily on the export based industries to Provide New Zealand most of its income. When the regions did well the country was too.

All export Based Industries are falling apart at present and what is the Government doing to help? In the past Government has created opportunities for these industries in times off down periods. But it seems this current Government would rather make it and keep it hard for these export industries. 

Whether it is Forestry, Mining, Farming, Fishing, or anything else that is exported this is where the country gains etc, brings revenue by bringing money into the country. But whilst it's also a down period for these industries and more,  these Industries are slowly becoming more and more owned by overseas investors and what profits are made is going overseas. 

This is extremely dangerous and puts us in a very vulnerable position. If you take out the major centres Auckland and Christchurch, and the unsustainable housing market, our economy is extremely poor. 

The regions are hurting, Roads are neglected, infrastructure neglected, towns being bypassed by new national bypass's and this is supposedly good for New Zealand?

Some rural towns have managed to get Fibre Connectivity but there are a lot that are stuck on copper services which seems to be having the base price increased by chorus almost yearly increased. 

Health services are being reduced or cut all together, central business districts of small town New Zealand becoming like ghost towns because 1 no one has the money any more, or 2 they would rather travel out of town to a bigger city to get the bargains from national chain stores. 

A lot of infrastructure rebuilding and transport has been earmarked for roads of national significance and in Major centres (mainly Auckland), yet many rural roads are falling to decay, potholes, patches, worn seal are becoming extremely common on rural roads. 

Councils are being pushed to combine services, or even amalgamate which is likely to take away core services council provides to the regions even further. 

We need to buck this trend, show some attention to the regions, and rebuild the rural regional economy. This needs to be done to secure a better future for all New Zealanders.

Article published by D Blair, Hamilton by request of B De Lisle, Tokoroa. Image sourced from Wikipedia

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