Protect yourselves from burglaries

Thursday, 12 January 2017 - 10:00am
Over the last week there has been an increase of burglaries to garages and garden sheds in the Canterbury region.

Bikes, lawn mowers and tools are often the target of these thieves.

Canterbury Police would like to encourage residents to ensure they lock their sheds and garages, even when they are at home during the day.

We want people to take steps to protect themselves from becoming a victim of burglary and there are some simple prevention steps you should pay attention to.

Buy a combination style lock or padlock to use on a garden shed door, this can be all it takes to put off an opportunistic thief.

Ensure bikes are put away, and not left outside.

Note down the serial numbers of high value tools such as lawnmowers, and the make and model of bikes and other sporting equipment.

Taking a photograph of each item and the serial number will mean you have a handy record of your belongings should anything be stolen.

Consider uploading serial numbers to the SNAP website - (link is external) This is a Free Online Asset List.

Canterbury Police encourage people to join their online neighbourhood watch ‘Gets Ready’ website.

As members you can get notifications about incidents, events and crimes in your street, suburb and city by text and email. (link is external) (link is external) (link is external)


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