Friday the 13th in first month of 2017

Today is a Friday the 13th. Superstitious for some, others not so.

If you are of a superstitious nature then how do you go about your day on days like today? I come from a fisherman's family personally and there was always superstitious things. No sailing on a Friday of any matter. But nothing really specific for a Friday the 13th.

It is said that some people stay indoors to prevent themselves from being exposed to the dangers of a Friday the 13th. Is there any real issue behind these fears or is it just a myth?

To make matters worse it was also a full moon overnight. Does that increase your fear? Should we be worried?

The answer to the question I suppose depends on the person. But it is just another day no different to the day before, except the date 13 landing on a Friday.

The weather so far for most of the country has been a rather up and down 2017 summer, with many asking where is summer? Could this all be related to the lunar activity and the Friday 13th? Whilst it is possible I am unconvinced that is the case.

Maybe if you are superstitious try and avoid Black cats on a day like today. With so much happening on the same day it is a strange one.

Article by D Blair, Hamilton.

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