March to Occupy, Save Niki’s Eviction Protest 17 January

Whilst I acknowledge I know fairly little on this situation it is one that starts ringing alarm bells as you start looking.

It is possibly a situation where many get vocal over the situation that unfolds with possibly little knowledge of the situation like myself. But there are several items which you can view to check the information.

The March / Protest will occur on the 17th January in Glen Innes. More can be seen on the Facebook page or by watching this YouTube clip.

Several items of which I think is of interest.

The House of which 62 Year Old Niki Rauti occupies was once owned by Government State Housing Organisation, Housing NZ, now owned by Tamaki Regeneration Company.

Let's look at the shareholders of the Tamaki Regeneration Company, Largest Shareholder with 410 shares (41.00%) is Auckland COUNCIL, along with 295 shares (29.50%) Owned by Minister Of Finance Hon Bill ENGLISH, and 295 shares (29.50%) Owned by Minister Of Building And Housing Hon Dr Nick SMITH. Making this a Joint Venture between Central and Local Government, with Central Government the majority shareholder. You can view Shareholder information here

Upon searching I found that Housing New Zealand, is owned by HOUSING NEW ZEALAND CORPORATION 100%, However, a search for that company returns no results. So Housing New Zealand has no effective owner or a False owner. You can view this information here.

At this point, you can say I am getting a little uneasy.

A check of recent statistics (30 September 2016) shows, Nationally, Housing NZ, owns, 62,754 State Rentals, 27,519 of these are in Auckland. Housing New Zealand, has 2,357 vacant state rentals nationally, 791 of these are Vacant houses in Auckland alone. These are vacant for obviously a number of reasons. But that is almost 800 properties which people living rough could be utilising in the mean time.

You can find more information on Housing NZ Statistics here

Start throwing current tenants out (Although they don't have a legal right to the property) and we start feeding the homelessness society which is growing with even more homeless. If someone was to move out of a property for what ever reason wouldn't then be a better time then throwing people out for the sake of throwing people out?

Intensified housing may work for some, but multi-storied complexes provide added struggles to many tenants who already have issues or struggles in life, of which they have the state house in the first place.

A Housing New Zealand Tennant does need to realise in most cases the situation for a Housing New Zealand Home isn't a permanent one. But there are some that do have a permanent requirement and the government needs to acknowledge this too.

From what I understand of the situation is that Niki Rauti has been evicted from her property so that Tamaki Redevelopment Company can redevelop the site she is in for more intensified housing development. We could argue whether this is a good idea or not. Personally, I don't think intensification is a wise thing. It would be likely to increase crime etc in these particular areas. But with no outside areas for kids to play, elderly to look after gardens, or even families the ability to grow their own vegetables it is therefore in my opinion something which should be treated with extreme caution.

There is a number of cases where the tenants have been evicted from entire streets and the properties sit there boarded up years later with no work done. I don't think it's right morally to evict tenants of a home to develop the site. Private or Public, unless it was known at the time of them taking up occupancy of the property. So there should be an element of scepticism in this situation.

This article is published by D Blair, Hamilton.

Video of Niki Rauti, on Te Karere


Another video of the situation. These are the views of the people in the video not necessarily the views of the Author. 

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