Attitude Cops Target Alcohol Advertising And Sponsorship – NZ First

New Zealand First says the government must make it crystal clear that there will be no ban on alcohol advertising or sponsorship.

“The attitude cops are back and they’re pushing a neo-puritanical agenda that’s targeting a beer at the local club,” says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland, Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“These attitude cops are arrogant pseudo-intellectuals who want to pry, snoop and regulate how Kiwis live. Judging by this spurious ‘research,’ they also have a misplaced faith in the power of advertising and sponsorship.

“Despite alcohol and tobacco being legal products they love bans and can generate gravy-train studies as ‘proof.’ Yet Penn State Professor Jon Nelson examined such studies and found, “the emphasis on advertising bans and similar regulations in the public health literature is misplaced.”

“Professor Nelson found big issues with how researchers selected people to study and how they drew conclusions.  He also criticised others who “uncritically cite these studies in their advocacy of tobacco and alcohol advertising bans”. 

“New Zealand First will put these neo-puritanical attitude cops back into their box, but will this politically correct government?” Mr Peters asked.

Published as per News on the NZ First Website. Image By AirflowNZ - received by email from the photographer, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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