Search for Mrs Patricia Wearn continues

To be attributed to Senior Sergeant Adrian Kerin, North Shore Police

Mrs Patricia Wearn, who left her Torbay home yesterday to go for a walk,  is still  missing and the search for her will continue into the evening.

Police have been inundated with offers of public help, with many members of the public arriving at the Browns Bay Police station offering their assistance.

Whilst we are very grateful for the assistance, the search will continue with specially-trained search and rescue members and our biggest request of the public is that they check their sheds, garages, and places where Mrs Wearn could have gone to seek shelter or rest.

The search area is being expanded and the Police Eagle Helicopter, as well as the Police boat Deodar, are continuing their sweeps and searches of the nearby coastal and land areas.

Police have received several calls from members of the public and the information provided is being analysed and acted on wherever possible.


Beth Bates/NZ Police

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