Police seek witness to Christchurch collision

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 - 11:43am
Police investigating an incident in which a person was hit by a car in Christchurch on 1 January would like to hear from a driver who may have witnessed the collision.

At around 1.40am on 1 January, three people were on Prestons Road, when a silver / white coloured station wagon stopped suddenly, reversed, and drove up on to the footpath.

The car hit one of the people, who was on a bicycle, throwing him several metres. The bicycle was dragged underneath the car for around 100 metres.

Another car that was travelling in the opposite direction to the station wagon was seen to do a u-turn and follow the station wagon.

Police would like to hear from the driver of that second car in relation to what they saw. We’d also like to talk to anyone else who many have information which would help identify the driver of the station wagon.

If you can help, please contact Senior Constable Wayne Stapley of Papanui Police on 03 374 1700.


Issued by Police Media Centre.

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