Search for Mrs Pat Wearn will continue until nightfall and resume tomorrow

Thursday, 19 January 2017 - 6:20pm
The search for Mrs Pat Wearn has continued throughout the day, and will continue until night falls this evening.

Day four of the search has involved more than 90 people, including Police, LandSAR volunteers and members of the Navy and Airforce. Five additional Police officers from the Waikato Police Search and Rescue have joined the search, as have a further ten members of the Waikato LandSAR.

Defence force personnel have assisted Police Search and Rescue and LandSAR volunteers with continuing land searches in the Torbay area.

Police officers have continued an area canvass, going door-to-door and speaking with residents, ensuring all properties have been checked and everyone in the area has been spoken to, to see if they have seen or heard anything.

Searches of bush areas in the Lonely Track Road, East Coast Road and Glenvar Road areas have continued for much of the day and will continue this evening.

Members of the Police National Dive Squad have searched around 10 waterways and ponds in the area.

Nothing has been found and the search continues.

“We’ve consulted with a Doctor who is a survival expert, who we work closely with on operations such as this. The advice we have regarding the chances of survivability of Mrs Wearn is that she is physically fit and healthy, and though she is likely to be dehydrated and disoriented by now, she could still be expected to survive. There is still hope, and we need everyone in the Torbay, Browns Bay and Long Bay areas to continue to check their properties. Even if you’ve already done this, please do it again” says Inspector Sunny Patel, North Shore Police.

The search will continue at first light tomorrow, with an expanded search of bush areas. The door-to-door area canvass will also continue.

Police are still receiving reports of sightings and continue to encourage the public to report any information straight away.


Beth Bates/NZ Police

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