National And PC Wowsers Killing Off Wellington Sevens

Wellington Sevens is dying and at risk of being lost overseas because the Nanny State National Government doesn’t approve of Kiwis having fun, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland Member of Parliament Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Wellington Sevens used to have sell-out crowds, people let their hair down and had a lot of fun, but since Draconian security measures were introduced, no-one wants to go.

“At the end of the day what people wanted and enjoyed was a lively weekend with friends, dressing up in funny costumes and having a hell of a party with 30,000 other people. Anyone that thinks different is naive.

“Now we're being told having fun like that is wrong.

“Provincial NZ is feeling the brunt too of the heavy-handed approach. Race days are being killed off through excessive restrictions and the ‘Fun Police’ did a brilliant job of ruining Toast Martinborough for a lot of the public a few months back.

“The solution is to bring back the drunk and disorderly law – the Police Offences Act 1927 – which stated anyone drunk in a public place committed an offence.

“We would ensure organisers have security to enforce the law against this small number of reprobates who are ruining the fun for communities all over the country.

“The pathetic number of spectators at the Cake Tin over the weekend shows things have just gone too far – we can’t let the Wellington Sevens be lost overseas just because of PC wowsers,” says Mr Peters.

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