When one door is closed on enlightened policies, another can be opened – Dunne

I had always hoped that this land might become a safe and agreeable asylum to the virtuous and persecuted part of mankind, to whatever nation they might belong.” George Washington


Following the recent shift in immigration policy in the United States and the report released today by the New Zealand Initiative on New Zealand’s immigration system, UnitedFuture Leader, Hon Peter Dunne is calling for changes to New Zealand immigration policy.


The recent change to immigration policy in the United States has also changed the discussion on immigration according to Mr Dunne.


“The recent shift in Federal immigration policy towards seven countries is as short sighted as it is poorly designed.


“UnitedFuture condemns it and calls on the New Zealand Parliament to bolster our own immigration and refugee policies so that we can be a beacon of rational common sense on this issue,” said Mr Dunne.


“UnitedFuture’s plan would see us build on the value migration brings to New Zealand by fast-tracking the residency of skilled new migrants who have either business or family sponsors within the country,” Mr Dunne said.


“Given the shift in United States policy our plan could be extended as well.


“If there are highly skilled people who have Green Cards who now find their futures disrupted by this policy, I think we should be welcoming them to New Zealand.


“To get a United States Green Card as a worker, you must have either extraordinary abilities, be a member of a profession holding an advanced degree, be a person of exceptional ability, be a skilled worker or be an employment creating migrant.


“If someone has any of these qualities and have gone through the lengthy process of proving themselves both of good character and of high value to get a Green Card then we should be welcoming them into our country,” said Mr Dunne.


The value of immigration was also highlighted today by the release of the New Zealand Initiatives Report into New Zealand immigration policy The New New Zealanders: Why Migrants Make good Kiwis.


“Immigration provides value to our country through an exchange of ideas, cultures and skillsets, we gain from it both when we have immigrants coming here and when we want to spend time overseas ourselves.


“The New Zealand Initiative report highlighted the fact that people migrating to New Zealand add extraordinary value, not just in terms of culture, diversity and experience but also on a purely fiscal level.


“We want an immigration system that is tailored for connecting the intrinsic value of people with the shortages of skills and expertise we have in certain sectors and the cause to act on this is made even more prominent due to the actions of the United States,” Mr Dunne concluded.

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