Deportations of Students A Disgrace

National should hang its head in shame for deporting Indian students, says New Zealand First.

“The fault for corruption in the international education sector lies at the feet of Minister Steven Joyce, not the students,” says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters. “The students are the victims.”

“Mr Joyce pumped up the Export Education industry so private enterprise could profit. He ignored the need to set up standards and a full-proof system.

“The mighty dollar was the only priority.

“Massive fraud occurred, with crooked agents and officials funnelling thousands of eager students in order to claim commission payments.

“Now the truth has come out, Mr Joyce is passing the buck and deporting students who have been taken to the cleaners financially and educationally.

“It is believed eight to 10 Indian students here might have been misled by agents.

“Clearly, much of this sector is based on fraud. It is time for a full-scale investigation into Export Education fraud.

“What has New Zealand come to when we allow Indian families to be fleeced in the name of building an industry?

“National supporters must be thoroughly ashamed at the basic lack of fairness and humanity of their representatives,” says Mr Peters.

Published as per NZ First News

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