English’s ‘Crime Fighting’ An Election Year Stunt – NZ First

National has been conning the public over the state of crime in New Zealand, says New Zealand First.

“While 90 per cent of burglaries went unattended, and 97 per cent in Northland, they said crime was falling and adjusted their stats accordingly ,” says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“They brought in a catch and release programme – grab the offender, give them a warning and send them home. Great for the statistics.

“Bill English will be remembered as the Finance Minister who froze police budgets. In fact it was one of his first moves after being appointed Finance Minister in 2008.

“Gone was the election promise of one officer to every 500 people, it’s still only one frontline officerto 600 people.

“But, miraculously, in his first major speech as PM, and in election year, Mr English turns around and opens his purse for more frontline police, though not enough.

“Bill English is being weak here, trying to copy parts of our policy.

“So how come he didn’t listen to Judith Collins on this matter?

“After all the cons National has run on crime and half-baked publicity stunts – like laptops and cellphones as a substitute for real police – Mr English decides he’ll fight crime.

“It’s worthless.

“The public won’t be fooled.

“They have borne the brunt of crime – they are the ones who have been hospitalised, lost their possessions as offending got out of control.

“They are the ones who tried to call the police on weekends – not knowing there are 208 ghost stations in the regions.

“Some namby pamby social measures announced today will not help them one iota.

“It is a crack down on law and order that is needed.

“New Zealand First said last year we need a minimum of 1800 new police as soon as they can be trained.

“It’s too little too late from Mr English, who is desperate to be elected,” says Mr Peters.

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