IRD’s Shutdown At Critical Time A Joke

IRD’s shutting down online services in the days leading up to the deadline for people to pay their end of year tax bills, makes the department look a joke, says New Zealand First’s Revenue Spokesperson Fletcher Tabuteau.
A lot of people want to pay their tax bills before they are due but now they will have to hold off which is just an added inconvenience they could do without.

“Not only that, they will also not be able to access information on IRD’s website to find out how much they owe.

“IRD’s reason for the shutdown of services between 3pm Thursday, February 2, and 8am Tuesday, February 7, is because of a computer system upgrade but this should have happened earlier.

“A more convenient time might have been over the Christmas-New Year period.

“IRD’s saying people can pay on the deadline date after a five-day shutdown is simply an attempt to cover up bureaucratic bungling that has damaged the department’s standing in the public mind,” Mr Tabuteau says.

Published as per NZ First News. 

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