Two-tier immigration system sends students packing

he Minister for Immigration’s refusal to show compassion to Indian students affected by visa fraud is further evidence of National’s unfair immigration system, Green Party immigration spokesperson Denise Roche said today.

Nine Indian students now face deportation after their request to stay in the country was turned down by the Government.

“Minister Woodhouse is refusing to help these students, but he and his National Party colleagues are happy to speed up immigration arrangements for Trump-supporting billionaires like Peter Thiel. This is a sad example of the two-tier immigration system that National has set up,” said Green Party immigration spokesperson Denise Roche.

“These students have paid tens of thousands of dollars to study in New Zealand and were taken advantage of by unscrupulous immigration agents, who made false statements on their behalf without their knowledge or consent.

“It is unjust to send these students home without giving them an opportunity to at least complete the qualification that they have already paid for.

“If the Government is willing to intervene in the case of Peter Thiel, then surely it can show some compassion to these students, who want nothing more than the right to complete their study.

“The Minister should exercise special ministerial discretion to restore the student-visa status of these young people,” said Ms Roche. 

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