Protest Grow As National Rushes To Chop Up Parkland

Nearby residents of Point England Reserve, and other Aucklanders, are furious a large section of land is being chopped off for a few hundred houses.

“Once that land is gone it will never be replaced – ironically, it’s being taken away just as thousands more people cram into our biggest city on smaller sections and into apartments,” says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.


“Building and Housing Minister Nick Smith is walking roughshod over the visionary plans our forebears had for a liveable city. They knew the value of open spaces and playing fields.


“This has been a rushed process with a bill in Parliament just before Christmas, and submissions only open over the holiday period. It has taken residents unawares and they feel they have not been consulted.


“New Zealand First told Parliament on the first reading of the Point England Development Enabling Bill that we were wary and would only support it to the select committee stage as we wanted to hear submitters.


“It is a sly move from a National government that has fallen far short in responding to the housing crisis.

“It is now grabbing opportunities, while ignoring the added pressure from record immigration.


“New Zealand First’s approach would be to land bank for housing and stay ahead of demand,” says Mr Peters.


Mr Peters accepted a petition today with 3400 signatures and will present it to Parliament. There are other petitions in the pipeline.

Published as per NZ First News

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