Labour can’t attack National on housing, says ACT

Labour’s record on housing is even worse than National’s, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Labour are right to point out the extent of our housing shortage. But their policy of making the government build houses won’t address the causes of the shortage. Instead, the government will face the same barriers that private developers do: a wall of red tape in building and a lack of residential-zoned land.

“These regulations are making development unaffordable. By ignoring the regulation and putting the government in charge of development, Labour would just transfer costs away from private developers and homebuyers, and onto the taxpayer.

“On top of that, Labour have actually tried to distract from the shortage of housing by blaming high prices on foreigners and investors. Their policies targeting these people will do nothing to actually get houses built.

“If ACT holds the balance of power at the election, we will force the Government to scrap red tape in building and planning laws and ensure local councils have incentives to build infrastructure and release new land for housing.”

Published as per ACT's Press Release.

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