THURSDAY: Port Hills fire

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Police are assisting with the latest evacuations in Christchurch due to the Port Hills Fire this morning.

Residents in the Dyers Pass Road area of Cashmere Hills, from Kiteroa Place to Pentre Terrace, are among the latest to have been told to leave their properties immediately.

"In addition to the urgent evacuations, anyone who feels worried or unsafe staying in their home can go to one of the welfare centres for assistance," says Senior Sergeant Ash Tabb. 

Welfare centres are operating at Halswell Library in Halswell Road and at the Nga Hau e Wha Marae in Pages Road. Anyone who is not able to evacuate by themselves should call 111. 

"The priority is keeping people safe," says Senior Sergeant Tabb. "We understand it's hard for people to leave their homes but the fire can change direction and move incredibly quickly. If you're worried, don't leave it too late - it's better to be safe than sorry."Police are also urging people to stay away from the bottom of Port Hills to allow emergency services access and enable swift evacuations. 

"Emergency services are constantly having to move around and change direction as the fire changes course and people driving to the area to take photos or see the fire for themselves makes their job a lot harder. Please stay away from the area and stay safe." 


Police Media Centre 

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