Christchurch Port Hills fire – 3pm update

Authorities have reviewed the cordons for Dyers Pass Road, Victoria Park Road and Kennedys Bush Road and they have been moved back after a robust risk assessment.

Authorities say the fire spread has reduced thanks to today's drizzle conditions, but the wet weather has restricted access to some areas for firefighters.

The Fire Service continues to remain concerned about the area around Victoria Park and east of Dyers Pass Road, Marleys Hill electronic equipment and the southern flank of the fire which has terrain and vegetation, suitable for fire spread.

Heavy machinery is being used to establish fire containment lines. This is difficult and dangerous work in steep and uneven terrain. Geotechnical experts are continuing work to assess the risk of rock-fall in areas where there has been significant loss of vegetation.


  • Dyers Pass Road: the cordon is now above the last house on Dyers Pass Road, so above 236 Dyers Pass Road. This means all residents in streets below these cordon points (including Longhurst Terrace and Pentre Terrace) can have access to their homes.
  • Victoria Park Road: there is now a cordon on Victoria Park Road above the last house on this road. Which is the entrance to Victoria Park.
  • Kennedys Bush Road: The cordon has been moved back so residents in houses up to, and including, houses at 299 and 304 Kennedy’s Bush Road, can now access their properties. 
  • Police and the NZ Defence Force continue to patrol in and around the cordoned areas.
  • Evacuated residents will be able to have police-controlled access to their homes for a limited time when it is safe. They will only be allowed back in if they have registered.

Published as per Christchurch City Council Update.

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