Port Hills Fire – 5pm Update

Firefighting update

  • Lifting cloud cover has enabled three fixed wing aircraft to continue dropping fire retardant in the perimeter of the fire area, with the aim of providing a continual line of defence for residential areas.  The size of the fire retardant buffer is being increased to 50 metres to offer greater protection.
  • Thermal imaging from an aircraft is being carried out daily to monitor, as some hotspots are inaccessible by ground.  Underground hotspots and ground temperatures continue to be a significant issue. Rain gauges were placed in strategic locations today to measure the effect rain is having on the ground.
  • The Principal Rural Fire Officer remains concerned about the potential for flare ups over the next two days, as temperatures and winds are expected to increase. 

Cordons and access to properties

  • Temporary controlled access behind cordons was granted to over 200 residents from Kennedys Bush Road, Hoon Hay Valley Road and parts of Worsley Road today.  Some properties on Worsley Road remain inaccessible due to the risk.
  • Agencies have to balance the needs of residents to access their properties with the need to continue efforts to fight the fire, clear the ground and fell trees, conduct aerial operations and repair power lines.   There is some frustration among residents wanting to get back to their properties, however the continued restrictions are for safety reasons.

Remember to check out Newsline (external link)  for previous updates.

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