Port Hills Fire – risk assessment report

We understand the frustration and challenges  Port Hills’ residents who have only had limited access to their property will be feeling, but would like to remind everyone that the situation remains complex.

While around 68% of the fires are contained, there are still significant risks.

Decisions have been based on detailed fire behaviour predictions. This has been documented in a scientific report used to support fire risk assessment for residents’ access cordons and road closures.

A combination of tools have been used to predict fire behaviour including, weather station data, forecasts, fire danger rating, vegetation fuel types, terrain , fire perimeters, active fire hotspots and control lines. 

Infrared camera aerial surveys have been used to identify active hotspots of burning underground or in heavy fuels. These include larger areas of active burning as well as single small points of smouldering such as under isolated trees or shelterbelts, stumps and tree or scrub roots.

The science shows us that fire behaviour predictions remain complex for the Port Hills. Crews are doing all they can to get to the areas where the fires are still actively burning underground or are at risk of igniting. 

View a copy of the report here [PDF, 83 KB]

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