Port Hills fire – Update Wednesday 9:30am

No-fly zone over fire area

Christchurch City Council’s Principal Rural Fire Officer Darrin Woods strongly emphasises that a strict no-fly zone remains in place for the area bound by Princess Margaret Hospital, Sugarloaf, Teddington and Tai Tapu until midday Friday 24 February. Fire services are currently operating drones in the area to gather important thermal and infrared hotspot information. Members of the public are not allowed to operate drones or other remotely piloted aircraft systems at any time in the no-fly zone, and police will be notified about any breaches of this rule. Flying drones in this area illegally will be taken very seriously, as it compromises critical aerial firefighting operations and safety.

Accessing properties with burnt trees

Civil Defence strongly recommends that people who have regained access to their properties with burnt trees do not go near the trees until they have been inspected by an experienced arborist. This is for their own safety.

Damage to septic tanks

Residents whose properties were directly affected by the fire should engage a qualified plumber to check the condition of their septic tanks.

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