Ardern, takes out massive landslide victory, in Mt Albert by-election.

The results are counted and they are seriously one sided toward Jacinda Ardern, Labours Candidate to replace David Shearer. 

Was this predicted yes, but not by such a landslide. Jacinda Ardern was expected to win, but with her closest rival gaining less than 15% of the votes she received is fairly impressive. 

Mt Albert, is usually seen as a safe labour seat, but as a percentage, Jacinda Ardern won by a mile more. 

One thing that does stand out though is the lack of Votes. In the general election in 2014 36,922 votes were counted. in 2017 By-election, only 12,971 votes were counted, or approx one third of the votes placed in 2014. 

What has Jacinda done well? and where are the voters from 2014?

Well done to Jacinda Ardern the NEW MP for Mt Albert.


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