Tolley Twisting Truth On ‘Youth Service’

Minister for Social Development Anne Tolley is trying to sell the government’s ‘Youth Service’ when recently released Treasury reports throw some real serious doubt on the Youth Service in its entirety, says New Zealand First.


“The Minister announced last week that the number of young mothers on the benefit had dropped and directly linked this to the success of the ‘Youth Service’ introduced by National in 2012,” says New Zealand First spokesperson for Social Development Darroch Ball.


“Problem being that last December Treasury released a working paper which evaluates the actual impact of the Youth Service and which simply does not support the Minister’s claim.


“The report explains that with so many other changes happening simultaneously such as changes in obligations, sanctions and the way young parents receive the benefit it was not possible to assess which of the changes contributed to any positive outcomes.


“The report goes on to question the robustness of any of the results of the service.


“Within the same Youth Service there is a demonstrable and measured failing when it comes to addressing the needs of our 91,000 young kiwis with no job and who are out of education – where the service causes an actual increase in their benefit dependency.


“Minister Tolley needs to admit that the National government is failing and are out of ideas to help our struggling unemployed young kiwis,” says Mr Ball.

Published as per NZ First News

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