Have a happy Homegrown festival

As Wellington prepares to welcome thousands of music lovers for the Homegrown festival this weekend, the message from Wellington Police is simple - enjoy yourself but stay safe.

“Homegrown is a big event for the capital. We want to keep the city safe and vibrant for all those attending,” says Wellington’s acting Prevention Manager Inspector Clint Walker.

“Take care of yourself and look out for your mates. Anyone going to Homegrown should plan for a long day. Staying hydrated, remembering to eat something and enjoying alcohol in a responsible manner will ensure everyone has a good time.”

Festivalgoers are also reminded that Wellington has a 24/7 public alcohol ban, which includes the City Centre, Oriental Bay, Mount Victoria lookout, Aro Valley, Central Park, Mount Cook and Newtown.

“The rules of the ban still apply this weekend and we will be actively enforcing them,” says Inspector Walker.


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