More Empty Promises On Transport For Regions

National’s transport ideas for Gisborne neglect rail, says New Zealand First.


“New Zealand First has always supported the full re-instatement of the Napier- Gisborne rail line and it’s a key part of our transport policy,” says New Zealand First Transport Spokesperson Denis O’Rourke.


“But Transport Minister Simon Bridges makes no mention of it in his big announcement today on transport for Gisborne.


“Shutting the rail line between Gisborne and Napier was simply an excuse by National to get rid of another bit of New Zealand’s rail network and invest in NZTA’s over-bloated roading programme.


“Having a reliable efficient transport system plays a huge part in regional development, but it can’t be short sighted like National’s plans. Roads are important, but rail must play a part as well.


“National is asking for consultation from locals. That’s simply playing around the edges. It’s simply another empty election promise to curry favour in the regions.


“New Zealand First wants a balanced approach when it comes to transport, with equal importance placed on both roads and rail. We will develop Railways of National Importance, which this line is very much part of.


“Our transport policy has a clear objective of creating a cost effective, efficient, safe, secure and future proofed transport infrastructure, not just a one dimensional approach,” says Mr O’Rourke.

Published as per NZ First News.

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