Time To Fund Medication For Rare Disease

Funding treatment for life limiting and rare diseases should be the focus of today’s National Rare Disease Day, says New Zealand First

“It’s time National stopped procrastinating and allowed Pharmac to be more responsive in funding treatment of rare and life-limiting diseases,” says New Zealand First Health Spokeswomen Barbara Stewart


“There are 7000 diseases listed globally that are considered rare conditions.


“People living with these life-threatening or chronically debilitating conditions have the chance to be treated with new medicines, however funding for these ground-breaking treatments is dismal.


New Zealand First’s Health & Disability (New Medicines & Rare Conditions) Amendment Bill would enable Pharmac to be more responsive to funding treatment of these types of conditions.  We want to fund choices for taxpayers who are at their most vulnerable.


“Our Bill is a real solution for New Zealanders living with rare diseases,” says Mrs Stewart.

 Published as per NZ First News.

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