NZ Needs a CCRC and should become a Political Issue.

New Zealand has seen its fair share of botched legal cases, some squashed, some remain but there appears to be no real independent organisation who is capable of looking at cases, in particular, those of which is based on circumstantial evidence, or that contains a high level of doubt.

Several large high-profile cases come to mind at present, David Bain, Teina Pora, Scott Watson, Mark Lundy, these are only a few. There are many more but you would have likely heard of these cases.

Whatever your view is of a particular case, you would expect us to have a robust and effective Justice system. We all know its capable of having flaws, just like anything we are humans at the end of the day. So an outsider with an objective of Justice is required, it Needs to be independent and needs to be able to do what it needs to do.

Similar such CCRC or (Criminal Case Review Commission), exist and are effective. Something needs to be done here for New Zealanders to have any trust in the current Justice Sector. 

New Zealand has a large number of controversial cases, the only true way of managing these and figuring out whether our Justice sector is effective and running as good as it should be is if an Independent body is tasked to review cases. Instead of Police Policing Police, and Courts reviewing Courts etc. 

We need to have trust in our Justice system. However when there are so many issues in the system, and when issues are highlighted they are just shrugged off, swept under the carpet etc then we have some great concerns for the public safety. This opens the system up for corruption and exploitation. It could happen to anyone and have to spend a life behind bars for a crime you didn't do, ultimately meaning the real offender is still out roaming the street, possibly committing the crimes still. 

This ultimately is a must, and Political parties need to make it an issue.

Currently, the only Major Political party to Oppose the creation of the CCRC is the National Party, who submitted a members bill whilst in Opposition. It has been whilst they have been in power many cases have been brought to light of which need the likes of a CCRC to check over controversial cases.

Published by D Blair, Hamilton. Image from the CCRC in UK Twitter page.

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