United Future position on the Pike River situation.

At a time where it is important for United Future to stand up for the People, to register some interest in the General public now is the time to stand for something Peter Dunne, or your days in Parliament will likely be done come September 23.

The email below was made some time ago, however, there has been no response, and no acknowledgement. This is starting to become overly common with current sitting Government MP's the opposition MP's are more likely to respond to information like this then the current ones in power. That speaks volumes, doesn't it. Once they are in who cares about everyday Kiwis.

I'll leave you with the email below for you to think about.



Hi There,

I would like to ask Mr Dunne, a few questions in relation to his position on the Pike River Situation. These could be used for an online article.

After yesterday's announcement regarding Winston Peters and NZ First. I decided to have a look around for some other positions.

Mr Dunne, Considering this video https://www.parliament.nz/en/pb/hansard-debates/rhr/document/49HansD_20101125_00000001/tab/video Do you still believe that people will be judged not by words but by their actions as to the effect of your statement?

Considering the question above, Do you believe the following statement is still correct? "I suppose the only thing we can now hope for is that the bodies are recovered quickly, that there can be closure through the memorial services, and that those who suffered and died so unnecessarily can at last rest in peace."

Considering one of United Future's candidates in 2005, died in the mining disaster, what is the position of United Future in regards to the instances that happened in Pike River, and also the events of which have followed, which also continue today?

What has United Future done to ensure that the bodies of these miners are returned to their loved ones?

If United Future, supports the families efforts to have the bodies of the miners returned to them, what will United Future do to make sure it happens? And what will United Future do to support these families? and the mining sector in General?

Kind Regards,

D Blair, Hamilton

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