Michael Swann (Mr Money Bags) convicted for defrauding the Otago District Healthboard of more than $16 Million has been housed and supported by Business Men, Joe Cave, and Alasdair Cassels in the past. This is a fairly high profile case. As it was one of the largest by an individual the Serious Fraud Office had seen. It also happened in a Government Health Organization.

Interesting that because Mr Cave is the man behind Bio-mer a health supplement company based in Christchurch. Alasdair Cassels is well known in the Christchurch and Canterbury Region.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust has called “Michael Swann Release a Travesty of Justice” and with good reason. I will add a couple paragraphs from their press release.

The parole act and the parole board in its decisions and indeed the whole of the criminal justice system has nothing to do with fairness and justice as attested by the imminent and unjustified release of fraudster Michael Swann from Prison.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust says this man should serve his whole sentence of 9 years 6 months, not 4 years and 8 months for ripping off the tax payer to the tune of 16 million dollars, especially as most of the debt is still outstanding and Swann is totally uncooperative, indeed obstructive with regard to where the money has gone.

The entire press release from the Sensible Sentencing Trust can be found here: http://sst.org.nz/michael-swann-release-a-travesty-of-justice/

The concerns are obviously with good reason. I have known for some time that Mr Swann has breached his parole conditions on numerous occasions. Even more concerning is the Police have known, what the conditions were. There is no evidence that police had passed on this information.

One of Swann’s Parole Conditions was

2                                 He does not go out of Canterbury without advising her.

She knows of only one visit to a certain address (outside of the Canterbury Region) once only despite the above parole condition. We all know this isn’t the case. But how do the police know? Because Swann himself says so, He identifies 5 separate occasions, in the same time the parole officer Identifies only one time he had advised her, despite his parole conditions. It is uncertain if this information was passed on to the parole officer. However, if it was it would have been likely Swann would have been recalled to Prison.

In an article published last year by Blair Ensor (Stuff.co.nz) several items of interest can be seen.

Infamous fraudster Michael Swann has landed on his feet after leaving prison, managing projects for wealthy businessmen in Christchurch and Auckland, including the fitout of super yachts, and supervising ex-cons.

Swann, the board’s information technology manager when he committed the crime, was sentenced to nine-and-a-half years’ jail, with a non-parole period of four-and-a-half years.

He was released on parole in 2013 and lived with Cassels in his Banks Peninsula mansion while carrying out engineering and biotech work for health supplement company Bio-Mer, owned by Joe Cave.

Cave said Swann, a close friend, eventually handed in his resignation, because he was “a very motivated person and wanted to explore other opportunities”.

Cassels, who owns The Tannery complex in Woolston, Christchurch, said he had employed Swann for more than a year, largely as a project manager.

During that time, Swann was involved with the $2m repair and refit of a building at The Tannery that housed the new Deluxe Cinema.

He would also look after Cassels’ plans for a wharf and bridge over the Heathcote River, which were announced more than two years ago.

“You try and find a project manager in Christchurch. We’re short of people who know what to do and know how to manage contracts and he can do that, that’s his forte.”

Cassels said Swann had supervised several ex-cons working at The Tannery site.

“If he comes to me with someone who he has known from jail who he thinks is going to be good on the job we’d . . . probably try them out. A couple of people haven’t worked and a couple of people have.”

Swann divided his time between Christchurch and Auckland, where he had secured work overseeing the refitting of super yachts, Cassels said.

As part of the conditions of his release, Swann is not allowed to be involved in “the management of a business enterprise that involves the handling of other persons’ money or invoices of that business or commercial enterprise”.

The entire article can be found here http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/80890095/Notorious-fraudster-Michael-Swann-deserves-second-chance-employer-Alasdair-Cassels

This is an interesting article. Clearly, he continues to breach the Parole Conditions. I mean who can be a Project Manager and not manage funds. The whole point in a Project Manager is to manage a project, which includes allocation of funds, and human resources. Who gets to do what, what sub-contractors get paid etc. But the scariest part is that despite being charged for Defrauding the Otago District Healthboard, and much of this money remaining outstanding, the Christchurch Rate Payers are putting funds into the wharf project. And as above this is to be managed by Mr Swann.

I know the Council was warned of this and has gone ahead in the allocation with Funding. The application for funding was a late submission via email to the Deputy Mayor at the time. Which quite possibly knew of Swann’s involvement in the wharf process.

This is seriously dangerous and very careless on the Council’s behalf. How will they explain it to the Ratepayer? That the ratepayer is supporting the most serious individual white collar criminal in New Zealand.

Aside from this. Swann was known to have a large array of boats he purchased and done up with the Otago Health board’s money. Now tell me if he is managing the fit-out of super yachts. he will be advising what to be purchased, how to set it up etc. But it isn’t everyday New Zealanders who own Super Yachts, only the well off. And therefore he’s obviously rubbing shoulders with some of New Zealand’s elite. This might be because White Collar Crime such as what Swann committed is the only crime that actually does pay. Swann is a fine example of this. Assets remain outstanding, Swann most certainly doesn’t live a hard life. He lives much the same as previously, whilst being supported by the elite.

Mr Swann was released on parole, despite his constant denials, non co-operative attitude, One of his supporters even threatened the Parole Board. I think the Sensible Sentencing Trust really summed it up well “Michael Swann Release a Travesty of Justice”.

Published by D Blair, Hamilton. Image sourced from the stuff article above.

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