Jennie Siecynski, Posts a video of questions to the Honourable Dr Nick Smith, about Pike River

The Honourable Dr Nick Smith, along with the National List MP, and West Coast National Party Representative was at the West Coast Regional Council yesterday.

Jennie Siecynski, obviously thought it was a good time to ask some questions and get some answers.

When she asked the first question, Dr Nick Smith, then responded with a big grin and said that was a long long time ago. The question was about voting for the abandonment of the mines inspectorate.

All other questions about the 29 Miners were ignored, Maureen Pugh, the National List MP and National Party Representative in Election year stood back and said absolutely nothing. No offering of support, no answering of questions, no saying anything.

This kind of Arrogance, and couldn't get away from the questions fast enough type of attitude is often shown in other instances involving the National Party. The Incident happened on their watch. It's election year, surely they would want to be seen as supporting the people of the West Coast and in particular Greymouth District, in election year.

This Video is going Viral, and I think it is risking Maureen Pugh's return to Parliament. It shows the attitude to this situation from the National Party very clearly.

Something needs to be done about the Pike River Incident. The Government needs to grow a pair and stand up, take responsibility and resolve any of the issues. If the experts say it's safe to re enter the Mines Drift, then obviously it is. So why the road blocks? 

You may remember some Years ago now, Mr John Key, addressing the family and saying that he will do everything in his power to recover the bodies etc etc. And when the opposition suggested that wasn't the case but the opposition would John Key's response was "they are messing with your emotions, we are dedicated to re-enter the mine and recover the bodies if it is safe to do so. Question, is who was messing with whose emotions? Who's going to hold them to account?

When voting in September you need to remember an incident like Pike River could happen anywhere, anytime, and the same response would be likely under National. It could be you, or your family that's next placed in the situation of the 29 miners and their families. 

You can watch the video below.

Published by D Blair, Hamilton.

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