It is clear, Public want a Criminal Cases Review Commission, in NZ

Over the past little while, we have been asking the question, "Is a CCRC (Criminal Cases Review Commission) required in New Zealand to review questionable Criminal Cases?" the response has, in fact, shocked us. 

It is clear with 1062 Votes of a total of 1084 votes, saying Yes (97.97%) I think that is sending a clear message home. 

No received only 3 votes (0.28%) and Unsure received 19 votes (1.75%) this is sending home a strong message that New Zealanders want a CCRC.

This poll is based on the article I wrote some time ago and has been running whilst preparing that article. So over a period of three weeks and a total of 1084 votes in the poll I think the results deserve some merit. 

Will the Government listen to the people?

Original article can be found HERE.

You can view all current polls and their results HERE

Published by D Blair, Hamilton. Image from the CCRC in UK Twitter page.


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