Our Latest Political Poll shows Winston Peters as preferred PM

The latest Political Poll we have been running is the Preferred Prime Minister Poll, along with the General Party Vote Poll.

We will focus mainly on the Preferred Prime Ministers Poll in this article. But we will touch base a little on the General Party Vote Poll. 

In the Preferred Prime Minister Poll, we supplied some alternatives to the Main Parties, Labour and National, this is in part due to some people preferring an alternative Leader.

This Poll on first glance has a few big Interesting points. In both National and Labour, their Leader isn't the strongest to poll. In fact, Paula Bennett is preferred for National, and Jacinda Ardern for Labour. 

Winston Peters comes out on top with 34.96%, Followed by Jacinda Ardern on 18.43%, James Shaw on 9.96%, Andrew Little on 8.47%, Metiria Turei on 5.08%, Paula Bennett on 3.6%, Bill English on 2.54%

Undecided was at 9.32%, and other on 5.72%. If you combine National Party Candidates, received just 8.05% this is less than the current leader of Labour, Andrew Little on 8.47%. The Combination of Labour Party Candidates received, 26.9% of the votes in this poll. Green Party Candidates combined provides 15.04% votes in this poll. 

There is possibly a number of reasons for this. And votes are only counted by people who participated in this poll. A total of 472 Votes were received in this poll.

As for the Party Vote: 

This poll has gone on for some time and will likely need a new one created. But we will also examine this. 

NZ First has 53.92% of the votes enough to govern alone, whilst Labour received 14.44%, Greens 11.98%, National 11.52%, Act 1.23%, United Future 0.61%, Maori Party 0.15%

Other 1.83% and Undecided on 4.3%

These results show ACT, United Future, and Maori Party, face the cut if they don't win any Electorate Seats. United Future is almost certain not to exist after the election, and unless the Maori Party pick up support would likely too. ACT may sneak in but relies heavily on a Deal with National in Epson. Will Bill English be willing to do such a kind deal that John Key did?

A total of 651 Votes have been received in this poll. 

You can view all current Poll's HERE

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