Statement regarding search for Kim Bambus and short statement from Kim’s family

Wednesday, 29 March 2017 - 1:46pm
To be attributed to Detective Inspector Hayden Mander, Waitemata Police

The search for Kim Bambus, who went missing at Piha last Friday is continuing today, but will be scaled back.

Police Search and Rescue officers are carrying out searches in the area below the Mercer Bay cliffs and the shoreline around that location.

A large team of Police have been involved in the search for Kim since she went missing.

As well as Search and Rescue officers combing the tracks in Piha, there has also been a team of investigative staff looking into Kim’s movements and activity in the weeks prior to last Friday. This is standard practice for a missing person operation of this nature.

A vast amount of information has been gathered to this point about Kim’s activities, which includes checks with health professionals, as well as checks of her internet and phone searches up until last Friday. Based on this information, the search has been focussed on the Mercer Bay cliff area.

At this stage there is no evidence that has been gathered or obtained that suggests any foul play and though enquiries have also looked at previous missing person reports in that area, there is currently nothing to indicate any link whatsoever with any other missing person case.

Sadly we have now reached the point where all possible search options have been exhausted, and as such, the search will be scaled back.

We have discussed this with Kim’s family and they are understanding of this position. They are coping as best as can be expected and we continue to support them as much as possible.


To be attributed to Bernie Bambus – Father of Kim

Our family wishes to thank Search and Rescue and Police for their efforts.


Beth Bates/NZ Police

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