New website shines light on Police Coverup of yacht in Operation Tam.

A new website has recently been published backed up with information and statements from the Operation Tam files.

The website was created by Alexandra Moore, the woman whom Ian Wishart states he got his files from.

The website cleverly unravels the alibi of the yacht MEA NZ and shows the police investigation into the alibi of the vessel, as well as the investigation into it.

The MEA NZ isn't the mystery ketch, let's be clear on that. If you look, the website is fairly extensive and completely uncovers this vessel.  

This vessel has been touched on in previous books, so Ms Moore, isn't the first to identify this oddity in the case. But she by far goes above and beyond what anyone else has to date. The statements included also paint a pretty clear picture.

After reading through the information the reader does walk away with many questions. Ironically some answers and information have been published by Detective Inspector Rob Pope, and JohnGoulter, in their book Silent Evidence. John Goulter was at the time, while writing the book, working in the office of Prime Minister Jenny Shipley (known now as Dame Jenny Shipley). PM Jenny Shipley was New Zealand's first Female Prime Minister (although not by being voted in by the public)

Ms Moore has been very meticulous with her work and made sure the Ts are crossed and the Is are dotted. Her work shows a complete and utter coverup of the MEA NZ by Rob Pope and his team. The question, of course, is why? One can speculate all they want but if it has happened to one vessel (which it has) how many others has it happened to? How can you trust the work of the team when such key items etc have been missed like this?

Of course, now this throws another spanner in the works and creates even more doubt on the case against Scott Watson. If Ms Moore can publish work along these lines of MEA NZ, it will be interesting to see if she publishes anything else.

Some may say she is a little bit crazy, and many have posted about the flyers she has delivered. But the work she has done on the MEA NZ is by far some of the best work I have seen yet.

Published by D Blair, Hamilton. Image sourced from the website. 

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