After the Release of the website showing MEA NZ had a False Alibi in Operation Tam, Evidence proves others are in same boat.

In information released in the website mentioned in a previous article available HERE New information has come to light about others. 

I had investigated these issues earlier on, when trying to piece together what happened. It is interesting to note that these files have already been brought into the public arena, However, only snippets of them have been.

To understand this I will release contents of a file from the Private Investigation Team, first. This file identifies they were obviously interested in the actions of the vessels mentioned. There is more to this file, however, what hasn't been included in this file, is only reference to other files in relation to the Galerna and the Faith, and a basic covering off of what they said.

In short although Alisdair Cassels said that he sailed both “FAITH” & “GALERNA” to Wellington, leaving between 1pm and arriving at 6.30pm, there is no mention of who was on board each yacht or who sailed either “FAITH” or “GALERNA”. The only apparent independent witness to the fact either Yacht were in Wellington is John Calver who said that he saw both yachts moored in Wellington on the 1st January 1998, maybe the 2nd January?

The only other recorded movements of either Ketch is by Richard & Claudia Fallen who took a video of a Yacht said to belong to “Cassels” arriving in Erie Bay on the 30th December 1997 and departing at around 10am on the 31st December 1997. The next sighting is by Mrs. Vink who saw both the “FAITH” & “GALERNA” moored in Erie Bay on the 4th January 1998.

There are no independent recorded sightings of either the “FAITH” or “GALERNA” between 10am on the 31st December 1997 and the sighting of John Calver on either January 1st or January 2nd 1998 (NO TIME GIVEN).

Enquiry’s with the Wellington Harbormaster show that the “FAITH” was logged at the Wellington Heads on the 31st December 1997 at 6.05pm, and the “GALERNA” was logged at the same location, at 6.10pm also on the 31st.

The “FAITH” arrived at Picton on the 4th January 1998 at 10.15am with the “GALERNA arriving at 12.40pm

That is effectively saying that no one knows who was on either the Galerna or the Faith, and they were recorded as arriving into Wellington and were later spotted by a member of the public. A single member of the public in a location which at the time was a busy part of Wellington's waterfront. Shall we examine what Mr Calver states in his statement? I will redact the Addresses and the contact number but otherwise leave the statement as it is.

My full name is John Geoffrey CALVER. I live at XXXXX. Phone XXXXX.

I am speaking to Sergeant BULLOCK of the Tokoroa Police in relation to the missing persons from Marlborough.

I am not sure whether it was January 1st or 2nd 1998. I believe it to be the 1st. I was staying at XX Boundary Road, Wellington with my step daughter.

At about 1 pm on this date I was walking down by the wharf in Wellington. I am not sure of the name of the area but it is near the Maritime Museum.

During my walk I saw what I believe could be the blue ketch that the Police are looking for. It was moored at the wharf.

The boat I saw was blue, it had two masts. The masts and booms were metal. The boat was wooden. The stern was rounded. It had portholes along the side where the blue paint was. The boat had white paint on it also. It looked to be about 50 feet in length.

This boat had the name Gallerna or Gaelerna carved in wood at the front of the cabin area.

Another thing I remember is that the boom at the rear of the boat was all black from exhaust smoke. I thought to myself at the time the design having the exhaust under the boom was a bad one.

Parked behind this boat was a yacht named Faith. This yacht was smaller and lower. Across from it was a fishing trawler and the other side of that was a boat called the Antarctica, it was a big white cruiser.

I have seen the sketch made of the boat Police are looking for and I believe the Gallerna / Gaelerna looks very similar to this.

I have not come forward prior to today as I was not sure of the date that I saw it.

It it assists at all the day I was there the Police launch came in with a large piece of driftwood on the back.

I saw a male person on this boat wearing a white shirt. I don’t recall anything else about him, he was non descript. This person was sweeping broken glass in the centre of the boat, the glass was coloured green.

Another male came off the boat called Faith and spoke with the person on the Gallerna / Gaelerna, he stood on the wharf beside the boat when they spoke.

The Faith guy spoke to the other one and he replied. I do not recall what was said. From where I was it looked more like a question answer than an exchange of pleasantries.

This second guy was reasonably tall with straight dark hair, thin face with a straight nose. I didn’t take much notice of these men. I think the second was wearing shorts.

I stood looking at the Gallerna / Gaelerna for a good ten minutes because it intrigued me. It looked like the sort of boat that I would like to own.

(Signed) J G Calver

Statement taken and witnessed:

S R Bullock
Sergeant D285

That's fairly convincing, isn't it. But then again is it? Should we look and see what the Galerna actually looks like?

A possibly better picture and description is available in this Otago Daily Times article. Or even this Charterworld article.

I suppose you are asking where are the portholes? Where is the blue stripe? and why is the Exhaust / Smoke stack above the rear boom? and Why is the Galerna 87 Feet long, instead of 50 Feet? This is someone who obviously has an interest for boats and examined the boat at the Wellington Wharf, for some time, noting interesting features. 

Could it be the Faith that he was muddling up things for?

The faith is closer in size at 66 Feet, still doesn't have a blue stripe. Some information can be found on Faith on Charterworld or Marlborough NZ As you can see these boats don't match Mr Calver's statements. I suggest Mr Calver had to have seen different boats, if any boats at all.

Now that's Mr Calver's statement out of the way, What about the last two paragraphs of the Private Investigators file? The logging of the Faith and Galerna into Wellington?

This took me in to ask the questions to the Port Company of Wellington, Centerport. There reply was as follows:

Good morning:

I recall both launches Galerna and Faith but as they were not ‘commercial’ vessels we did not record their movements on our system. Sorry I can’t help further.


This is interesting, so the Port Company never logged the movements of either the Galerna or the Faith. It is at best then that if they were logged it was from a VHF Marine station, which if the Faith or Galerna had called them up and advised of their locations may or may not have been recorded, but in reality pretty much could have been anywhere in the Cook Straight or Kapiti Coast regions. 

Who were the private investigators talking to? Did they verify the loging by siting them?

So the conclusion is, with MEA NZ, now proven as having a false alibi, and now the Galerna, and the Faith having a false alibi, where were these 3 vessels? Were they linked in any way. 

All known members who were working on either the Faith or the Galerna can no longer be tracked. Richard Rusbatch, disappeared, Seppo disappeared (suposedly), James Freuh I haven't been able to track down. of note, The Caretaker at Erie Bay (Where these vessels were last known to be on 31 January) has also passed away. Of course, Scott Watson worked up until fairly close to New Years at the Erie Bay property, working on the Galerna. But he wasn't there on New Years Eve. In fact he is recorded as being sacked on the 29th December by Mr Cassels.

Why were these siting's and these alibis not followed up? How come no one knows who was on these three vessels?

This obviously raises serious questions about the investigations, However, make no mistake, none of the three vessels here are the mystery ketch, their features don't match the description of the Ketch. Why the need for the False Alibi's though? And why are they all so secretive?

There is currently a poll running on this website since the publication of the MEA NZ article. This poll asks "Is the Scott Watson Conviction safe?" which has received 294 votes from the public, with 100% or 294 Votes saying No (at time of publication). I am actually fairly surprised at that, No one is saying the "Conviction is Safe". I thought there might actually be some people saying the "Conviction is Safe" Must be the great work that Ms Moore had done on the MEA NZ, which has brought out these results. In due course, the full results of the poll will be published. 

Published by D Blair, Hamilton. Images sourced from their respective website addresses referenced in the article.

Source files from Operation Tam:
1 Request Regarding Faith & Galerna movements
10464 / ST / JOHN CALVER

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