More Transparency On Trade Deals

A new level of honesty and openness around international treaties, such as the TPPA, is set to be introduced to Parliament, says New Zealand First.

This follows the International Transparent Treaties Bill from Fletcher Tabuteau MP being drawn from the ballot today.

“Time and again we’ve seen the government sign New Zealand up to secret, backroom deals, such as the TPPA, then they rush it through Parliament while ignoring the concerns of New Zealanders. 

“Our Bill will see a higher level of transparency applied around international treaties, such as the TPPA. 

“It will ensure that any treaties have the final approval of Parliament before they are signed. Select Committees will have the right to examine and review the terms of international treaties before and during negotiation, preventing any government from making blank cheque commitments on behalf of New Zealanders.

“There is need for a higher level of transparency when small, privileged and often out-of-touch groups get to negotiate these deals on behalf of the wider public,” says Mr Tabuteau

Published as per NZ  First News.

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