Kiwis one step closer to knowing where their food is from, say Greens

Support for Green MP Steffan Browning’s member’s bill is a win for the vast majority of New Zealanders who want to know where the food they buy is produced, the Green Party said today.

The Consumers’ Right to Know (Country of Origin of Food) Bill will make it mandatory for food producers to label their fresh or single-ingredient food products with the country of origin. The Bill was passed to select committee stage this evening.

“I’m delighted that National has had a change of heart and decided to support my Bill at first reading,” said Mr Browning.

“New Zealanders have a right to know where their food comes from and to make an informed choice when they buy.

“People want the option of choosing locally produced food when they do their weekly shop. We now have an opportunity to make that a reality.

“A recent poll showed that more than 70 percent of New Zealanders support mandatory labelling, and it’s good for local food producers too.

“Many other countries, including most of our trading partners, have mandatory country of origin labelling. It’s well past time we had it here in New Zealand.

“The Green Party has consistently led on country of origin labelling - former Green MP Sue Kedgley campaigned on the issue, presenting a 36,000 strong petition to Parliament in 2009.

“I’m looking forward to hearing more from Kiwis on this issue at select committee,” said Mr Browning.

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