My Media NZ, Growing by the day.

My Media NZ, is continuing to grow daily.

The Website was created as a means for people to get their stories out to the public no matter how big or small they may be. This has provided some things to get out which may never have made it otherwise. 

With 1200 Posts, 959,324 page hits, since January is something we are quietly pleased about. The fact is at this rate in less than 1 weeks time we would have had more than 1 Million page hits, which is an amazing achievement and we are quietly happy about. 

With a number of articles now reaching more than 20,000 individuals, and one article reaching over 50,000 individuals we are quietly pleased with this also. 

Advertisements are on the rise, and we are trialling a few things in this respect. This website isn't here to make money, But we also would like it to be able to pay for itself, and also have some articles promoted, so believe the Advertisements are the best way to do this. This would give the opportunity for some articles to be seen by a whole heap more people.

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