Not Up To Chinese To Tell Us What To Do In NZ

Certain Chinese business people need to understand that business practices and laws in New Zealand is different from China, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland Member of Parliament, Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Chiu Yung, chairman of Chinese developer Fu Wah International which is building a hotel in Auckland, has said the government should clear the way for Chinese companies to build pre-fabrication plants here.

“He cannot expect New Zealand to open our doors to Chinese companies which pay low wages and have poor working conditions to come here and produce quick knock-up pre-fabs which are of highly questionable quality.

“New Zealand business people don’t go to China and tell their government what they should do – something Mr Yung should realise when he is in New Zealand.

“Also, Mr Yung said there were too few labourers in New Zealand to cope with demand in a booming construction market.
“No doubt his solution would be to bring in Chinese workers.

“That’s the last thing that should happen.

“The government has to introduce work schemes to get some of the 91,000 young Kiwis who are not in education, training or employment up to speed so they can get jobs in the building industry.

“They must also advise Chinese business people – that when they are in our country compliance with our laws is not optional,” says Mr Peters.

Published as per NZ First News

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