Hamilton still having issues with Streetlights, and Traffic Lights.

Over the past few weeks there have been major issues affecting the Traffic Light system, along with the Street Lights. 

Just last week Hamilton City Council responded by our request on their Facebook Page, They advised that Wells had identified a Switching Issue, and some lights needed to be switched on Manually. 

Hi, WEL Networks experienced a fault on a piece of equipment which controls street lighting in some areas of Hamilton.
Their team is currently working on ways to fix the issue however this may take a day or two to complete. In the interim, for safety reasons staff have manually switched some street lights on in the affected areas and these lights will remain on until the issue is addressed. Thanks

Some areas now have Street Lights at night, However driving through the City Centre today Traffic Light issues continue to be a problem.

This is obviously causing some concerns to Safety at Night and on the roads with only certain traffic lights etc affected.

It has been reported recently by the Waikato Times that the Hamilton City Mayor, Andrew King has just purchased a Large Classic Riverside Mansion, So is somewhat of an upgrade of the Modest Brick house he had been used to. 

There is a lot of concerns starting to pop up of the priorities the Council Has, Are the council trying to cut corners etc? 

Our Hamilton CBD is becoming somewhat of a Ghost town, with parking a hot topic, But also the cost of CBD Commercial property is making it more viable to look elsewhere with no parking issues. 

Street lights at night is a Major safety concern, especially now it's darker earlier. 

Both the Street Lights, and Traffic Lights are managed by Hamilton City Council.

Published by D Blair, Hamilton


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