Health passes its annual check up

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has welcomed the annual Health and Independence report that shows that overall, the health and disability system performs well for most New Zealanders.

“Our aim is that New Zealanders live longer, healthier, and more independent lives, and this report shows the progress that has been made,” says Dr Coleman.

“Life expectancy, health expectancy, and immunisation rates are outcome measures and all show improvements in this report.

“The report outlines a greater focus on primary prevention and screening to catch and treat diseases earlier as well as the growing use of new technologies and innovation in providing our health services.

“The integration of services that is occurring and the recognition that other agencies, providers, and communities all have a part to play in keeping New Zealanders healthy is having a positive effect on the health sector.

“We know our population is living healthier for longer. This is great news, however the ageing population presents challenges.

“The New Zealand Health Strategy positions the health sector to respond to the changing and ageing nature of our population.

“This Government is focussed on both delivering quality health services today and on taking steps for the future of the health system which is why an extra $568 million is being invested into the health sector taking the health budget to a record $16.1 billion in 2016/17.”

The Health and Independence Report is released by the Director-General of Health and provides an annual overview of the state of public health in New Zealand. The report is available on the Ministry of Health website,

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