Pike River, likely to decide Election.

After Newshub on Sunday released footage of people in the Drift at Pike River, a robot smoking or steaming. 

It is, of course, a strange situation this Pike River Issue, and both the Major Political parties are Involved. The current Government have held the current position of No Entry, Seal it up, throw away the keys.

Opposition parties have been clear they want to support a recovery. This leaves the current government in a very dangerous position, which could have an impact on the election in September. 

The issues that were raised in the Newshub article, this doesn't surprise me, Why hide this information from the Royal Commission of Inquiry? Why Hide it from the Families? The government admits they knew about the footage, Are we to believe members of Government never seen it? I don't think so, why would they know of something that could expose them, if they hadn't seen it.

This absolutely stinks of a "Cover Up", The Government needs to get on with a recover, instead of ignoring all the experts, and evidence, and do something. 

What exactly are they hiding? Why do they want to wipe their hands clean of the families? What could be exposed from re-entry?

29 Men lost their lives in the Mine when it exploded, Experts and Mines Rescue were wanting to enter the mine, however, were held back by Police. 

Speaking on the AM Show Anna Osbourne hinted this was the tip of the iceberg. If this is the case, the Governments chance of re-election could depend on this. If there is something the Government is hiding, they should unhide it immediately otherwise they will cut off the hand that feeds it. 

This is one of the largest "Cover Up's" of this current Government, but it isn't the only one. It does, however, have the potential to cripple this current Government unless they do something about it.

There is a growing amount of speculation that these videos are the reason that John Key resigned as Prime Minister, if that is the case then, well that speaks volumes, and the Government is in serious trouble.

Published by D Blair, Hamilton

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