Update on incident at Rutherford House – cordons in place in Wellington for drivers and pedestrians

Tuesday, 9 May 2017 - 1:57pm
Police are advising pedestrians and motorists to be aware of the following cordon points in central Wellington:

Lambton Quay and Whitmore Street

Molesworth Street and Hill Street

Mulgrave Street and Aitken Street

Mulgrave Street and Featherston Street (near Pedestrian walkway up to the stadium)

Featherston Street and Bunny Street

Bunny Street and Waterloo Quay

Featherston Street and Whitmore Street (near the Z service station)

Whitmore Street and Stout Street

Pedestrians are asked to avoid the area around Rutherford House and the bus terminus at the Railway Station. The buses will be affected at the moment, however the Railway Station and trains are not.

Pedestrians can still walk through the Parliament Grounds and are encouraged to please observe the instructions of police at cordon points.

Media will be advised of more updates when they become available. ENDS

Issued by Police Media Centre

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