1975 National Party Ad, Surprisingly warns of a Future we see today.

This video from way back in 1975 from the National Party, worries about Immigration and talks about reducing Immigration from 32,000 to just 5,000 per year. Interestingly enough under this Current National Government now sits at around 72,000 Per year. These rates are crazy.

It also mentions about needing to build New State Houses, because no one can afford a house back in 1975, This is only getting worse, and severely worse under this National Led Government, And in fact the Statehouses are being sold off, evicted, and not being replaced, leaving the Government forced to pay for Hotels/motels instead of houses for emergency houses.

The ad goes on to say that the Majority of New Zealanders will live in the Main Cities and we need to spread the residents to the Regions. Ironically this National Led Government has increased the intensification to the Cities while neglecting the Regions.

They also mention that the Cities themselves are unable to make the decisions for themselves, and it's now up to Bureaucrats to sort it out. This hasn't worked according to the Video of 1975. The National Party of today, however, are taking away choices of the regions, cities etc, and even talking about amalgamating councils, this has happened in Auckland, where it can be classed as anything but a success.

It goes to show though, National Party of 1975 could see these issues, and even touched on turning off the tap of Immigration because of the damage it causes, Now fast forward 30 years and its opened the tap up further than ever before, and calling anyone that suggests slowing the immigration as "Racists" "Not working in New Zealand's Interests" etc.

We now face all of these points again in this current election. These issues could really hurt National's Chance of a fourth term

Published by D Blair, Hamilton

Source Nga Taonga Sound and Vision.

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