New Website being developed to assist families of Missing New Zealanders

A New Website is being developed currently to provide a wide range of options and information for those left behind from a Missing Person Case in New Zealand. 

The ultimate goal of the website is to help bring light on Missing Person cases, whilst also giving the ones left behind the much-needed information to help them move forward. 

The website was created by Dylan Blair after he thought it was extremely hard to get any accurate information regarding the process moving forward, or even where to go during the initial Search and Rescue process, Too much faith was placed in the Police as an agency, when in fact, there could be effective alternatives. Dylan's father disappeared in 2014 and since then he's still learning bits and pieces. Whilst it was hard for him to gain the information, he thinks it should be easily accessed. 

Once someone has been missing for some time, many people will forget about these people who are missing, the website is another way the families and ourselves can prevent that from happening. 

Support can be hard to find, and the information that is accurate also equally hard to find, Dylan is hoping that the website (And Facebook Page) can plug this Gap.

Anyone can go missing, it's just a matter of being prepared for it, and having a way to assist in the search and provide accurate information to those left behind, we are hoping that we can actually assist by shedding some light on missing person cases on the annual anniversaries of each case too. 

There has been some support from International Missing Person Volunteers, with some helping from the UK which has been good, There is potential to expand the goals, and improve the search and rescue process. 

There are some things fairly unique on the site. A Forum of which Missing Person cases can be discussed, and also where information can be sought, Some Missing Person cases can be highly complex, others not so, some can be fairly straight forward. There is often some uniqueness to some cases and some may follow other traits, But with the website designed to appeal to anyone, there could be information and assistance provided by anyone that may be involved in or had experience in the issues you maybe wanting advice on.

The website can be added to by members of the public, and any information you want out there in regards to the Missing Person or the Case, can be put forward in your own words, this really helps in getting those left behinds message out there. 

A missing person case can be highly stressful for those left behind, and with the new tools available we are hoping that we can help reduce some of that. We do have some Advertising Opportunities, Partnership Opportunities, and Donation Opportunities to help support our cause. All money raised will be used to help assist those left behind, and also help in the promotion of Missing Person cases in New Zealand. 

The more awareness that is created for a Missing Person case the better.

The website and Facebook pages are currently a work in progress, but feel free to like and follow the Facebook Page, for any updates and information on Missing Person cases as information comes to light.

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