How does some one just Disappear / Vanish?

Picture above of Michael McGrath (Missing)

The case of Michael McGrath recently has brought into the spotlight again the sad and horrible side to a disappearance. Many people have disappeared in our countries short lifespan, but once the initial searches are over, and the media spotlight has gone, the missing people are generally forgotten about by the general public. This is a shame as the ones left behind from a disappearance have to relive the situation every day for the rest of their lives. Life may go on, but will never be the same again for the ones left behind from a Missing Person case.

Mr McGrath's disappearance is a fairly strange situation with what appears to be nothing out of the ordinary is missing except for Mr McGrath himself. Mr McGrath is reported by police as working as a "Cash Payments" Builder. This would mean he would likely have a wide range of employers or be somewhat self-employed. Police are fairly tight-lipped in this situation but seem to also be following a number of leads at the same time. Focus has previously been solely around the Halswell Area in which Mr Mcgrath lived. The police seem to be spending some focus on the North Canterbury rubbish dump now, which seems to be a lead of which police are following.

It is extremely hard on those left behind in any disappearance, and most people believe they won't have to encounter it in their lifetime, the truth is it could happen to anyone at any time. As I have found out when my father (William "Kerry" Blair) disappeared in March 2014 when he was last seen at a late lunch in 2014, Later that afternoon at approx 4 PM the vessel him and his co-worker often used left and didn't return. The boss's boat was later located off the New Plymouth coast with no sign of life on board. Despite this happening in 2014, everyday memories of "Kerry" Remain and pop up, Always asking what happened to him. There is a number of different scenarios and there is no real evidence for or against either scenario. According to Dylan (Kerry's Son) the likes of Accident / Suicide don't really fit well, and is more likely to have a sinister motive. This would likely make for a future article, but there are solid and sound reasons for it. For the Suicide or Accident scenario to play out then it requires Kerry to have driven all the way out past Farewell Spit from the Marlborough Sounds, which in all essence is extremely unlikely to have happened. There is no evidence that Kerry was onboard the boat at all, except a Cellphone with a picture of a Sunset, (Which could have been taken by anyone as his phone was often left on the dash of the boat whilst he was at his home/workplace.

Picture above of the Boss's Vessel "Erie" and William "Kerry" Blair (Missing)

In Kerry's Case the police have decided to go down the easy route of saying his disappearance was a suicide, However there is no factual basis for this outcome, nor is there any factual basis that Kerry was on the boat when it left, obviously there are questions if it wasn't him who was it then? That is a question I would love answered. There has to be someone out there that knows more and is either covering for someone else, or protecting themselves, I would ask that if anyone does know anything or has heard of anything that they do come forward in Kerry's Case, a Facebook Page is setup for Kerry's Disappearance. Kerry's mother died aged 90 not having any of the answers that she so rightfully deserved as to what happened, The Disappearance of her Son (Kerry) played havoc with her and absolutely devastated her. 

Other cases to note is the Missing Farmer Kim Richmond, who was thought to of left in her Ford Ranger ute, which she or the Ute haven't been seen since. Denise Potter, who her husband exposed Police Corruption in the lead up to her disappearance, or the More Famous, Ben Smart and Olivia Hope case. Many people in New Zealand are registered as Missing in New Zealand 400+ to be exact. There could be a number of reasons for the individual cases. 

Missing persons cases are long drawn out, and have devastating long-term effects on those left behind, It is almost like an unspeakable event where information that is good and accurate is hard to find. NZ Missing Persons has a lot of information and can be a valuable resource for those left behind, also a way for people to find answers and get information out there. 

In Mr McGrath's case we ask anyone who may have information available that could assist the investigation or find Mr McGrath that you do come forward. Not knowing what has happened or where the missing person is, is hard to apprehend.

A Missing Person case is something you wouldn't wish upon your worst nightmare.

Published by D Blair, Hamilton

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