Disability Minister slammed for Comments on Twitter

Disabilities Minister Nicky Wagner MP has been slammed by many for the comments she made on Twitter, Whats worse is when it has been brought to her attention that it has offended some, she has not removed or altered the offending post at all.

It shows how out of touch the Minister is with her portfolio, someone who is in charge of set services shouldn't be publicly stating they would "Rather be out on the Harbour!" when stating "Busy with Disability Meetings in Auckland" this shows an absolute contempt of the people she is meant to be representing.

If this was an opposition MP stating these, the media would be calling for her resignation. Why aren't they now? This clearly shows the Minister has no concern for people with Disabilities and is not fit for Ministerial Roles within this Government. However, if previous Ministerial blunders like this are anything to go by, she will likely be promoted.

We as voters allow this to happen by continually voting the members and parties in, and we don't appear to be voting on performance, instead think oh well. People with Disabilities are often the kindest, caring and genuine people you will ever meet, and many of these people have needs which are unique to their situation, just because they have needs and maybe slightly different than the rest of us (Including the Minister) then they appear to be treated like dirt by this mob. People with Disabilities have Feelings too, are humans, and deserve the same opportunities as anyone else in this country. Someone with a Disability no matter how big or small, they are as valuable members of society as the likes of a rich lister, how come they aren't treated the same? Why don't the media push this issue?

We need to be putting pressure on Ministers to perform, there are 2 ways to do this, one is on election night, and vote for the genuine performance, Remembering this is the Minister is the one now in charge of the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery. The second way is to call out the ministers etc when they slip up. This is where the Media play an important role and should be pulling up ministers on these kinds of blunders.

Personally, I believe it is appalling and absolutely disgusting that a Minister would tweet along these lines, and should be stripped of all Ministerial Responsibilities (Not just the Disabilities) until the minister can prove she is fit to represent a Ministry. This is the only way to make sure the person best suited to represent the ministries in the respective governments are the best suited for the jobs.

Published by D Blair, Hamilton

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