Election 2017 set to be a nail biter.

The 2017 Election is set to be a nail-biter with quite possibly the closest election in decades.

2 Election polls from the major News Providers TVNZ and MediaWorks provide a different outcome but a close finish in the election. One has National ahead, the other has Labour that is how close it is this election.

If you have never voted or thought your vote doesn't make a difference well this year your vote really does make a difference, no matter what way you are thinking it is best to make a vote and make it count.

A number of things are looking clear, others not so, yet anything could change on election day.

There has been mention the Polls don't matter until the one on Election Day 23rd September 2017. There is some truth in this, but it is more to use as a guide.

Some things which look highly likely is National may, in fact, get the highest amount of votes but lack coalition partners.

It is likely that United Future will no longer be in parliament come 24th September, Other noticeable things are ACT's Future rests solely on whether David Seymor wins the Epson Seat or not, if you are in this electorate then you are likely to vote strategically with your candidate vote. A vote to Keep ACT in Parliament means you are likely to vote ACT if you want ACT out of parliament then a vote to the National Candidate if he receives enough will likely throw ACT out of parliament.

Maori Pary has a high risk of not getting in parliament this year for the first time since their inception. The ties with National appears to have disintegrated any chance of being re-elected.

Gareth Morgan appears to be in a worse position than Colin Craig and Kim Dot Com in the 2014 election, his personal attacks on anyone and everyone to gain airtime instead of promoting policies may cost him his chance in government, but his comments also don't help, ie "I have no intention of staying in Politics" in other words he wants to pay for power to through around a few things that suit him then bail. No security in politics for TOP which is ironically named "The Opportunities Party" It should have the tag name "Gareth Morgans Opportunities Party" he seems to have some form of a Personal Agenda.

Greens are regaining support, NZ First support is up and down. The 1 thing that many NZ First Supporters are considering is whether they want to vote for the party of their choice (NZ First) or vote for the security of change of Government. This is what we are hearing often at present.

MANA Party looking for a return to Parliament appears to be not very high in chance, which in some ways is a pity to politics. Whatever your views are of MANA's policies are Hone Harawira, is the most likely to do what he says once in parliament, someone, who stands up strong for what he believes in, a great politician whether or not you agree or disagree with their policies.

Issues which are likely to swing many voters are the usual Housing, Health, Education, Employment, Gap between Rich and Poor, Also Justice and Transparency, and our Record amount of Debt

There has been talk of creating a CCRC The major parties who support a CCRC (Criminal Cases Review Commission) is Labour, NZ First, and the Greens, the party most opposed to the CCRC Concept is the National Party. Too many cases such as David Bain, Teina Pora, Arthur Allan Thomas, and much more show the real need of a CCRC to make sure our Justice System is as Transparent and effective and efficient as possible and the right person is convicted of crimes or innocent people allowed to live their lives.

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