State broadcaster fails to deliver 6PM News.

Our state broadcaster (Television New Zealand) has failed to deliver its 6PM regular news, due to a fire alarm going off half an hour prior to the news broadcast going to air.

This shows the TVNZ model to be flawed, there should be backup plans in place for anything that may happen, however the State broadcaster and media in general have been stepping away from the news of late.

This shows how poorly managed and run the State Broadcaster has become, this comes as no surprise though due to funding cuts from the previous government. Even forcing the sale of some of its prime Auckland real estate to Casino / Hotel moguls Sky City.

We are in the 21st century and yet a Fire Alarm, has disabled the broadcaster from broadcasting the nations news at a time of stormy weather is unacceptable in today's market.

We need systems in place for the Weather and News to be reliably on TV at 6PM each night.

If TVNZ Can't broadcast the News in its dedicated time slot serious questions need to be raised, Management have alot of explaining to do.

Media in New Zealand is on the decline and seriously faces dramatic consequences in New Zealand, this was one of the reasons why My Media was created, if we can't trust the State Broadcaster to bring us the news who can we trust?

What is TVNZ's main focus? What is the Future goals and vision for TVNZ?

These are serious and real questions, Can Radio New Zealand step up to Television?


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